Ni-orn Chomsri* and Kamonwan Manowan

J. Sci. Agri. Technol. (2020) Vol. 1 (1): 18-25



Yogurt is a fermented dairy product claimed to confer health benefits due to the remaining viability of good lactic acid bacteria (LAB). This study investigates the influence of using Carissa carandas L. (CC) as a supplement in the yogurt. The yogurt samples were examined for their physicochemical, microbiological and sensory properties. Supplementation of CC berry in the yogurt improved the quality compared with 0% supplementation of CC berry. Yogurt with 20% CC berry exhibited the highest total phenolic compounds. LAB present in yogurt was remained above 8 log CFU/g after 21 day storage period at 4 oC. Yogurt with CC berry supplements showed better sensory properties (moderately like to like very much) than yogurt without CC berry supplement (p≤0.05). The finding of this study suggests that CC berry is a potential plant-based component to improve both phytochemical and sensory properties in yogurt production.

Keywords: Carissa carandas, yogurt, lactic acid bacteria, phytochemicals

Received December 19, 2019. Revised February 9, 2020; March 22, 2020. Accepted March 22, 2020.



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