JSAT Journal Vol.2 No.1 Jan – Jun 2021 Journal of Science and Agricultural Technology (JSAT) Year 2, issue 1, January – June 2021 ISSN: 2730-1532 (Online) , ISSN: 2730-1524 (Print)  FULL ISSUE VOL.2 NO.1 Agriculture: adapting to a changing climateJulia Mayo-RamsayJ. Sci. Agri. Technol. (2021) Vol. 1 (2): 1-7DOI : View : Abstract | Download PDF Soybean (Glycine max L.)

Monitoring system for water level and soil moisture for rice fields with LoRa communication on a wireless sensor network

    Adi Wahyu Candra Kusuma1*, Heru Nurwarsito1 and Didik Suprayogo2 J. Sci. Agri. Technol. (2021) Vol. 2 (1): 28-37 DOI: Abstract The monitoring system for water level and soil moisture of wetland rice is an important issue for farmers to pay attention to if more than one field is being monitored. The problem is
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